Talent Management

Bethany J Plaza, LLC can assist you in ensuring a high return on your talent investment.

Smart decisions in hiring, promoting and retaining talent can make the difference between a brand that draws high-caliber talent and achieves profitability and a company that ultimately fails…

Companies dedicate considerable resources to finding, deploying and cultivating their people, with good reason. After all, how well an organization utilizes, manages, develops and motivates its talent can make or break its business.

What can Strategic Talent Management do for your organization?

Position your organization to win in the future. We work with clients to identify the skills and capabilities their organizations will need in the future so they can begin building them into their workforces today. The process starts by understanding what the organization’s vision is and its definition of future success looks like– and the people, processes and tools they will need to accomplish those successes.

Tune into the needs of future talent. Tune in to what motivates teams of high caliber people. Strategic workforce planning provides a forward-looking focus on the supply and demand of your talent pools so you can be proactive and forward-thinking when addressing talent needs.

Mitigate talent-related risks. It is important to embed talent risks such as succession, skills availability, key person dependencies and retirement cliffs firmly into an organization’s risk management approach. Talent-related decisions must be evaluated for their return on investment – and this intelligence should then be recycled to inform future talent decisions. Most importantly, strategic talent assessment and planning should be part of ongoing business planning – not an isolated HR exercise.