For 25 years, Bethany Plaza has been an energetic and outspoken leader in the IT industry. Bethany is a master of team dynamics and recognized as an Innovative Thought Leader in the ever-evolving IT industry. She has played a pivotal role in helping individuals and business thrive, while solving Technology challenges. Drawing on her unique blend of solutions-oriented strategic thinking and person centered leadership development, she has helped a wide range of organizations meet and exceed their goals in business.

Bethany has owned and sold 5 companies – most recently she sold her IT Services company to a publicly traded company. In 2018 there were 207,900 women-owned firms that generated $1 million or more in revenue, representing a mere 1.7% of all women-owned firms. Bethany has far exceeded these figures – multiple times. She knows how to beat the odds!

Bethany also serves as a National Director for Women in Technology, International. WITI’s mission is to empower women worldwide to achieve unimaginable possibilities and transformations through Technology, leadership and economic prosperity. Bethany has had the privilege to orchestrate and moderate multiple CIO Roundtables, Thought Leadership Meetings with C Level Executives and CXO Mentoring events. Consequently, she has established strong relationships with some of the most-savvy individuals in the IT industry.

More than a discerning professional, Bethany is a leader of leaders. While her clients regularly need help in the mechanics of developing and growing a successful organization, they also need wise companions to motivate and guide them; to instill hope and confidence in otherwise uncertain circumstances. Bethany makes it her mission to help these individuals find success and fulfillment for both their businesses and themselves. Bethany’s clients consistently describe her as a truly motivational, caring, authentic and compassionate human being.

Speaking engagements, one on one coaching,  and group coaching sessions are some of the ways Bethany highlights the importance of self-accountability and self-esteem in developing a successful business.  Through these relationships, interactions and tools Plaza hopes to inspire a new generation of women to join her in raising the corporate glass ceiling of the IT service market.