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Bethany Plaza has worn a lot of hats throughout her 28+ year career in IT. She’s been a team leader, a mentor, a strategist, an executive, an entrepreneur, and a thought leader. Currently, Bethany owns and operates two successful companies – she has also founded and sold three others. As a tech-focused business growth and leadership consultant, she combines aspects of all of these to provide informative, actionable, and result-oriented guidance to IT-sector clients across the globe.

Over the years, she’s worked with Fortune-500 corporations, individual entrepreneurs, and everyone in between. Past clients, as well as associates, employees, and mentors, have described her as kind, energetic, and incredibly helpful. Her tech-sector thought leadership has contributed to the success of countless projects and product releases over the past few years. Bethany has been praised for her communication skills, intuition, and knowledge of team dynamics.

Though these skills have made her highly sought after throughout the industry, they also hold a special significance to Bethany for personal reasons: her mastery of team dynamics arose from enduring the fissuring effects of domestic abuse in her home. As a result, she places a lot of emphasis on the importance of healthy communication between team members.

For a busy consultant like Bethany, free time is at a premium - when she isn’t hard at work helping IT-sector clients improve their businesses, she enjoys hiking, traveling, going to the beach, kayaking, and playing volleyball.

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