For Women Only

Bethany became a certified Business and Executive coach in 2011 with the passion and mission to help other women achieve success. Her extensive business background is rich with experience both as a multi-time entrepreneur and C suite executive. She has worked in start-up companies leading the pursuit as well as being a high-performance leader in Fortune 500 companies. She has expertise in all aspects of running a successful business and in creating a fulfilling career, while overcoming personal challenges.

Bethany started her career at the entry level as a single “foster” mom of two young relatives, and later as a working mom of four. She understands the special challenges women face managing their careers and their personal lives. What contributed to her success is her ability to embrace her passion, develop mental-toughness and understand the realities of the workplace.

She has helped her clients increase revenues from tens of thousands of dollars into the millions, birth new brands, reposition themselves as leaders in their industries, monetize their messages, create lucrative programs and trainings, host moneymaking seminars and events, make high level connections, and more.

How can Bethany help you? She has both the experience and savvy to help you:

  • Create a strategic plan to navigate your workplace or business.
  • Develop leadership skills and to aid in facilitating your career and personal goals.
  • Leverage your unique business set-aside status to bring in new revenue streams.
  • Embrace and utilize the unique qualities that women bring to the equation.
  • Improve cross-gender communication.
  • Negotiate salary effectively.
  • And more! What’s your biggest challenge right now?

Bethany is a holistic coach and mentor that realizes that true success comes from addressing all areas of our life.

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